Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Knoxville, TN

Where your new life free from
drugs and alcohol can begin

Has it ever felt like your addiction was pulling you down the mountain further and further from where you want to be or the person that you want to be.

We can put a" freeze " to that downward pathway and assist you getting back to the the top of your mountain (your highest potential and your happiest emotional status)

if you are willing to do your part and change old habits. We have the expertise (training,knowledge,experience) to help you do this thru our holistic approach and our caring doctors.


treatment of Alcohol and all types of drugs, especially Opiates

Diagnosis and Treatment

of underlying emotional and psychological problems, which is key to being able to stay off of Drugs and Alcohol and maintain sobriety

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

to help set and achieve goals and learn coping skills

Dr. Steve Ritchie

Dr. Steve Ritchie


Board Certified Addictionologist 31 years of experience in addiction treatment.

Additional Doctors

Harry Boye MD.

Clara Cobb MD.

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Caring and knowledgeable physicians More than thirty years of treating Addictions and Alcohol

We treat the whole person to get the best, lasting outcomes

We help the patient to come out of the shadows and conflict and crisis of Addiction and Alcohol to a more productive and fulfilling quality of life

Mentoring and advising with life decisions as well as assisting in getting better jobs and free education or technical training thru the state when possible is what we do