Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Our lives are comprised of a series of habits, some that are conscious and some that have become so routine that we don’t even think about them. Perhaps to you, what has become just another habit is in fact a costly addiction. Alcohol addiction is tricky because it’s completely legal, and is a substance that can be consumed in moderation tolerably by most people. This can easily become an excuse for a habit that is causing harm. If you’re ready to stop the excuses in their tracks and to get the help you want to change your habits, you should consider alcohol rehab in Knoxville, TN.

Addiction Recovery and Restoration with Dr. Steve Ritchie and his associates isn’t a place for excuses, just as much as it isn’t a place for wallowing in shame. It’s a place of healing. Dr. Ritchie has been working with individuals in pursuit of addiction recovery for over thirty years. If you’re looking for someone who truly has experience with helping individuals with alcohol recovery and counseling, then you’ve found him. His team has a passion for coaching people into new habits that help them live their best lives. For more information about how you can get closer to freedom from alcohol addiction, you should contact Addiction Recovery and Restoration today!